Mould and tool making

  • Mould construction on direct customer order or for component production
  • Customer advice on tool design and material selection depending on quantities and component requirements
  • Focus on efficiency and quality
  • In-house production of GRP/CFRP and moulds from 2D components
  • We can offer the production of mechanically machined parts and moulds made of foam, plastic block material, aluminium, steel, etc. Dimensions of up to 7000 x 4000 are possible with our partners.
  • Welded constructions or constructions made of aluminium profiles as base frames or production aids
  • Use of 3D printing for auxiliary constructions or smaller moulds
  • Quality checks with the help of CAD adjustments in the 3D scan incl. documentation

Aluminium mould for vacuum infusion

Mould construction



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