Contract manufacturing

Production according to customer specifications / documents

The selection and specification of material and process comes after the order development. The design, calculation and conception of the production process are created.

  • Production of moulds and devices made of composites, plastic block material, foam, wood, aluminium, steel and other materials
  • Production of composite components and assemblies
  • Use of epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, bio-based and other resins
  • Use of glass, carbon, aramid, flax, basalt, hemp and other fibres
  • Use of various core materials such as foam, balsa wood, cork
  • Production of hybrid components and assemblies
  • Production of foam components, for example from PUR or epoxy foam
  • Tempering of components in the mould or in the tempering oven (up to 120°C)
  • Production of support and auxiliary structures from steel or aluminium profiles
  • Coating and painting of components, tools and devices



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