COMPILAM™ Production

  • Special laminates are our standard!
  • Quasi-isotropic technical laminates enable constructive and technically challenging solutions for lightweight construction.
  • COMPILAM™ is the economically produced and high-quality construction material!
  • Rethinking lightweight construction on the basis of our semi-finished products and validated test results for a selection of technical properties.
  • Simply make heavy things light and offer the possibility of substituting known construction materials!
What is COMPILAM™?
  • COMPILAM™ is a technical semi-finished product that is available in both quasi-isotropic and orthotropic versions thanks to the structure of the fibre layers.
  • Smooth / with protective fabric versions available
  • Standard dimensions: max. L2000 x W1000 mm, cut to size. Other dimensions on request.
  • Thickness up to 12 mm, other material thicknesses according to customer requirements.
  • Thickness tolerances are based on DIN EN 60893 but are process dependent.
  • Cut-to-size parts or finished parts machined according to drawings are also available.
  • Certificate 2.1, APZ 3.1 or EASA Form 1 on request.
Base materials from COMPILAM™
  • The technical properties of the laminates can be controlled by the choice of materials used.
  • COMPILAM™ is fibre-reinforced thermoset. E-glass and carbon fibres form the basis, other materials are available on request.
  • We mainly process epoxy resins, other resins are available on request.
  • For aviation applications, only materials approved for aviation are used.
  • HIGH STIFFNESS / STABILITY - high variability in design application, allows very good shape and position tolerances in the production of drawing parts through mechanical processing.
  • HIGH ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY - production process enables low manufacturing and set-up costs, also applies to special dimensions. Therefore, economical even for small batch sizes.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND RESOURCE-SAVING - Low material waste thanks to customised.
  • TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS - available based on validated material characteristics for design by the user.
  • INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS - we realise your ideas, even if they are not standard.
Fields of application for COMPILAM™

Commercial vehicles, trucks & trailers, transport containers & containers

Mechanical engineering, automation technology, robotics

Maritime economy

Rail vehicles, interior

Aircraft, interior, space travel



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